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"We reduce stress in the body in the most important places. We do not add stress by selling long - term or expensive  treatment recommendations that you may not feel comfortable with."

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Dr. Nicholas DiSabatino is a Mission Valley Chiropractor and he also serves the surrounding San Diego communities. "Dr. Nick" and his friendly team  are dedicated to getting you the absolute best results possible whatever your circumstances are, whether you are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, or from an injury involving and automobile accident;or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension. Dr. DiSabatino's pledge to all if his patients is to reduce stress from the patient's body, but not to add stress by long-term, or expensive treatment recommendations that one might  not be comfortable with. You may need pain relief after suffering an auto accident, experiencing an injury, or if you have a specific condition such as chronic back pain or a spinal condition. If you just want to improve your overall health, Dr. DiSabatino will help you achieve your wellness and functional goals in his chiropractic office in Mission Valley, San Diego! The treatment Dr. DiSabatino offers is all research based, and is aimed at getting the best results in a safe, highly comfortable and  predicable manner.

At your first visit to DiSabatino Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc., Dr. Nicholas DiSabatino will explain the science and the research behind how treatment in our clinic works, and you will be provided a full evaluation to see if treatment in our facility is appropriate for you.  If there is a good fit, we can develop a treatment plan that is specific to your condition and health goals.If not, we will let you know and refer you to the right specialist for your condition.

If you are new to experiencing the wonders of chiropractic care, or just  want to find out more, please or call 619-322-4626 to receive specific answers to your questions from our professional staff. We also welcome referrals, so feel free to use the "Send to a Friend" link located at the bottom of every page to share our health information with your friends and loved ones.

If you would like to stay informed about modern chiropractic care or if you want to start receiving free articles about health and wellness news, please subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter, even if you are not a patient. Once you are subscribed, you will be able to explore our member wellness section and take advantage of our animated exercise videos, wellness articles, and other resources. 

"Observational study found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care."
-New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Nicholas DiSabatino
San Diego Chiropractor | DiSabatino Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc. | 619-322-4626

3456 Camino Del Rio N. #100
San Diego, CA 92108

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